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How to create a 3d pumpkin carving of John Terry

ver the years I’ve had the opportunity to create some great pieces of art for a local sculpture company, and around this time of year, it’s great to see all the pumpkin carvings of all shapes and sizes being created. Last year I created a 3D pumpkin carving of Helio Gracie, however, as I won’t get the chance to carve one this year I decided I’d write about one I did a...

Are you living in your thoughts

ave you ever been driving, got to your destination and can’t remember anything about the journey? Yep, me too! Why is that? Chances are you will have been thinking throughout the duration of the journey, you were living in your thoughts. The thing is, most of us spend over 80% of our time in our thoughts. That’s a long time in our imagination. Is this a good or a bad thing? This depends on...

How to improve your punching technique with slow motion video

n this post I’ll describe how to improve your punching technique using slow motion video and the benefits of getting up first thing in the morning whilst doing exercise that you love. For the last few months, I have been struggling to motivate myself to do exercise. So with my Krav Maga instructor Sam, who was up for the weekend, he asked me if I wanted to do some pad work early on Sunday...

Pieces of life – A poem from the life of Ken Kitson

uring 2009, my longtime friend Ken Kitson approached me to create a piece of artwork for his up and coming poetry book, Moods, Moments & Memories. This was to be a collection of fifty original poems which explored some of the closest moments and people throughout Ken’s life. As well as being a close friend since I was 17, Ken Kitson is a well known Yorkshire actor having starred in many...

The Speakmans Workshops 2017 – Best Ever You Tour

The Speakmans Workshops Announced For 2017 he Speakmans Workshops for 2017 were recently announced by Nik & Eva Speakman and they have released a limited number of dates and places. Last year I again went to see The Speakmans at their 2016 How To Be Happy Tour LIVE. It was a fantastic show, but for me it lacked the intimacy of their 2015 How To Be Happy Tour workshops which I loved. This...

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