The Journey of Finding Success

11 Jun 2017

Pieces of life – A poem from the life of Ken Kitson

During 2009, my long time friend Ken Kitson approached me to create a piece of artwork for his up and coming poetry book, Moods, Moments & Memories. This was to be a collection of fifty original poems which explored some of the closest moments and people throughout Ken's life. As well as being a close . . .

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06 Jan 2017

The Speakmans Workshops 2017 – Best Ever You Tour

The Speakmans Workshops for 2017 were recently announced by Nik & Eva Speakman and they have released a limited number of dates and places. Last year I again went to see The Speakmans at their 2016 How To Be Happy Tour LIVE. It was a fantastic show, but for me it lacked the intimacy of their 2015 How To Be Happy Tour workshops which I loved. This year, Nik and Eva have announced that . . .

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03 Nov 2016

3D Pumpkin Carving of Helio Gracie for Halloween

It's that 3D pumpkin carving time of year again. That time when the darker nights close in and my body clock changes. All I feel like doing is eating comfort food and wrapping up warm. It's also the start of a great time of year with lots of traditions and creative opportunity . . .

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10 Jun 2016

What is a Multipotentialite? It’s me!

What the heck is a Multipotentialite? More on this in a minute, however a week ago I announced on all my of my social media profiles that I was coming off them. At that point in time I felt there were a lot of reasons for this. It is a situation I have been in before where I needed to clear my head, wipe the blackboard clean so I could look at things from a fresh perspective. I then made a drastic decision, I deleted my website as well . . .

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27 Apr 2016

The Speakmans Tour Review 2016 – Plus 7 essential tips to get the best out of their event

For those of you who are considering going to see The Speakmans, here is my Speakmans Tour Review and 7 essential tips so that you can get the best out of going to see them. The Speakmans Tour Review 2016 - Bridgewater Hall I last went to see Nik & Eva Speakman at The Speakmans 2015 How to be Happy event in Nottingham last October in 2015. It was fair to say that this event totally switched my way of thinking . . .

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21 Apr 2016

My journey so far

Whilst writing the 'About' page I realised that there was no way I could condense my journey so far into one super condensed paragraph! I will probably keep adding to this page, but I'll try not to go into too much detail as I will be writing individual articles on the various topics mentioned here. For now, here is my journey so far . . .

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26 Feb 2016

Fear of the dentist – How to overcome dentophobia

In October 2015 I attended The Speakmans How To Be Happy event in Nottingham. I attended to see if I could cure my fear of the dentist and fear of flying phobias. A week later I managed to get on an aeroplane with no medication, something I hadn’t been able to do for years! Six months later I attended my dentist. I would usually start feeling anxious . . .

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16 Feb 2016

The Speakmans 2016 How To Be Happy Tour

This year The Speakmans will embark on a UK tour called the How To Be Happy Tour. If you have not heard of them they are regularly featured on ITV's This Morning programme and are known for dealing and treating people's phobia's and anxieties with their own Schema Conditioning Psychotherapy. Not only that, they also teach people how . . .

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