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Tuesday 17th July 2018
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3D Pumpkin Carving of Helio Gracie for Halloween

It's that 3D pumpkin carving time of year again. That time when the darker nights close in and my body clock changes. All I feel like doing is eating comfort food and wrapping up...

What is a Multipotentialite? It’s me!

Deletion to Multipotentialite What the heck is a multipotentialite? More on this in a minute, however, a week ago I announced on all my of my social media profiles that I was coming off them....

My journey so far

Whilst writing the about page I realised that there was no way I could condense my journey so far into one super condensed paragraph! I will probably keep adding to this page, but I'll try...
Success in 2016

Helping you find success in 2016

Stay focused with Essentialism It's happening again! I'm trying to do too many things and spreading myself thin. After a wave of ideas and a belief that I was focusing on one thing to find...