During 2009, my longtime friend Ken Kitson approached me to create a piece of artwork for his up and coming poetry book, Moods, Moments & Memories. This was to be a collection of fifty original poems which explored some of the closest moments and people throughout Ken’s life.

As well as being a close friend since I was 17, Ken Kitson is a well known Yorkshire actor having starred in many TV and Film productions including The Bill, Last of the Summer Wine, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Ruth Rendell Mysteries, Danger UXB, Mapp & Lucia and Heartbeat.

Pieces of Life – A poem and pencil drawing

I’d not done any serious pencil drawing since school, so when Ken approached me to create a piece of artwork for his book, I was excited to put pencil to paper again and create something in my own style.

My drawing was not only a representation of the poem, Pieces of Life, it would also include my creative interpretation of some of my own personal experiences and memories with Ken.

Ken is currently raising finance for his feature film called Fistful of Dreams, a romantic comedy western set in Yorkshire. If you like the poem you can purchase a digital copy of his book on Amazon. To buy a signed hard copy or to contact Ken about potential investment opportunities for his film, you can contact Ken on LinkedIn.

The pencil drawing I created for Kens book

Pieces of Life by Ken Kitson

Life is like a game of chess,

Think your moves or it becomes a mess,

To begin from birth we are the pawn,

Taking our first few steps soon after born,

Obstacle ahead we move diagonally across,

This is a way forward to show who is boss,

We jump with the knight, then step to the side,

This cautious act we manoeuvre with pride,

The holy bishop moves diagonally on the board,

This like religion is sometimes totally ignored,

The rook is so solid, horizontally it now goes,

This is the right path in life that you chose,

The regal queen has the whole area to complete,

If you reach this stage, the worlds at your feet,

The noble king totters sadly, at a time once a square,

You can’t be removed but one must always be aware,

The game moves on through the barriers of age,

Until you’ve stopped in your tracks, checked at this stage,

The pieces move freely, some become friends,

Several pass away, whilst others make amends,

Which direction do you stroll along this playing field,

Forever being halted, expected at times to yield,

The king’s partner, she guards him lovingly to the end,

But alas is overpowered, several rivals that they send,

The noble monarch is cornered; checkmate is near at hand,

Maybe not a bad thing, there is peace throughout the land,

So next time you play this most thoughtful game,

Remember through life, we behave just the same. 


Every day, every new experience or setback I am still learning. It’s that learning I want to share. I want to share my own experiences, how I learn things, what techniques I use and how I help people in their life.

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