Learn the 11 Steps to Finding Success and coach yourself to succeed in any area of your life.

The 11 Steps to Finding Success eBook is the foundation of what I do in every area of my life. I have read countless self-help books and entrepreneurial journeys which all describe how they have achieved success.

There are two problems with this:

1. Success has different meanings for different people

2. This is what has worked for them, it may not work for you

The 11 Steps to Finding Success will teach you how to find your own success in any area of your life by doing it your way, based on what success means to you.

I have worked out what I believe are the core essentials of finding success. As success means different things to different people, I had to work out a methodology that works in every scenario of life, something that could be put into action straight away and without reading reams and reams of pages.

As a result, I wrote a simple but effective methodology that uses 3 main principles and 5 core areas, which are then chunked into 11 simple steps so that you can easily follow and apply them to absolutely any area of your life.

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The 11 Steps to Finding Success

Thanks again for purchasing a copy of the 11 Steps to Finding Success eBook. I use this methodology in just about everything I do because it works, so let’s dive straight in.

What does success mean to you?

This is very important. Let’s just take a quick look at what success means to you. I used to think that success was having a million pounds in the bank. For some of you, this will be your idea of success and that’s fine. For me, success means a whole load of different things. In it’s simplest form, if I was able to empower someone to do something positive and they responded back to me with positive feedback, for me this is a success. Success is not just about money, it is often the small non-profit things we do that count. Small daily successes will mean overall long-term success.

Have a quick think about what success means to you. Write it down in a journal or something you can come back to later. I suggest getting a journal or a notepad or using a digital product like Evernote or the Day One Journal, as you will need to get all of your ideas and thoughts out of your head and out in front of you.

The 3 core principles

As you read on through the eBook, I will go into more detail of what is required. The purpose though is to eventually have these 3 core principles super embedded and ingrained into your life, that it will become part of your subconscious.

The 3 core principles of success are to LEARN, TAKE ACTION & SUCCEED. I want you to take a few minutes to see what this means to you. Do you like learning? How often do you take action on the essential things you need to do in your life? And how do you see or view success?

The 5 main areas

Now that you have an idea about what success means to you and you understand the 3 core principles, let me add 2 further areas to the 3 core principles that will complete the process into the 5 main areas. Here are the 5 main areas that I want you to start with.






The core principles are the main principles that you can apply to almost any area of your life. Adding these 2 other core areas are essential to putting it all together and working. The purpose of this next section is to explain what each core area is about so you can get an understanding of what is required. At this stage I want you to keep things simple. The idea of this eBook is to get you to succeed in whatever area you desire without wasting valuable time. We shall go into more detail on each core area when we cover the 11 steps.


Before you even begin your journey, you need to know where you are going. Look at where you want to go, what you want to achieve, what you want to be successful in. This can be anything from short and long-term goals, personal and business related tasks, or even learning a new skill for a project or new adventure. It can be anything at all as long as you are working towards something. If we don’t have a destination, how can we work out how to get there?


Learning is such an important element in success. I personally never stop learning and treat everything I do as learning. After you have decided what you want, there will most definitely be areas of learning that are required. Depending on what you want, will determine what you have to learn. What we have to make sure here, is that you are not wasting valuable time on something that is unnecessary. We need to focus on what is essential.


This is probably the single most important area that often gets postponed due to fear or procrastination. Whatever it is that you want, your dreams or goals are nothing without action. This is why it is very important in the learning phase to focus on what is truly essential to get the goal or task done. If you spend too much time on this, when you come to take action you may realise that what you have learnt doesn’t work. As I will explain in the next area, this is not all bad, but what you are trying to do here is be efficient in your learning so you don’t waste time on things that are non-essential. Time is a valuable commodity.


This area focuses on how you see success and failure. You have to develop your subconscious to see everything you do as a success. If your learning and actions have lead you to success, that’s great, you move on to the next area. If your learning and actions have lead you to failure, it is extremely important to still see this as a success. This may sound a little unusual, but what you have done here is found out what doesn’t work, which is good right? You can then move onto the next area.


Whether you have succeeded or learnt, is that the end of the process? No, absolutely not! This is where you go back to the beginning and repeat the whole process. If what you have done has been a success, you may wish to go back to ‘DECIDING WHAT YOU WANT’ to evaluate what your next step is so you can move it up a gear. If what you have done has not quite worked out, and if what you are wanting is still the same, you should move straight to the ‘LEARNING’ area again and use what you have learnt as the starting point.

The 11 Steps to Finding Success eBook – FULL VERSION

Using these 5 core areas I’ll show you how I have built upon them to create The 11 Steps for Finding Success. It is absolutely possible to achieve success by following these 5 core areas, however, when chunked into these 11 steps it will give you a better understanding of what is required from each of the core areas.

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