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The Speakmans Tour Review 2016

26 April, 2016
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26 April, 2016 Andy Firth

For those of you who are considering going to see The Speakmans, here is my Speakmans Tour Review and 7 essential tips so that you can get the best out of going to see them.

The Speakmans Tour Review 2016 – Bridgewater Hall

I last went to see Nik & Eva Speakman at The Speakmans 2015 How to be Happy event in Nottingham last October in 2015. It was fair to say that this event totally switched my way of thinking. So much so, that they made me realise what I actually wanted to do with my life. Powerful stuff.

Remember your ticket & a notepad! I took my bullet journal.

Their last event was delivered in more of a personal setting and even though there were quite a number of people there, it felt like a group therapy session and it felt very involved. Their techniques were explained over the course of one day and I felt as though I could grasp what their therapy was all about.

I’ve watched video’s of their group sessions at their home clinic, which I could only imagine were just like last October’s event, but on a deeper and more personal level. I like what The Speakmans are doing. They have started out in their own clinic and have grown their audience through the leverage of television and begun to show the country their techniques by utilising these events, ultimately to give people a better and happier life.

There were two reasons I wanted to attend the latest 2016 Speakmans Tour. Firstly, it was to refresh my mind to see if I had taken in all of the techniques from their last event. Secondly, I wanted to see if their techniques could be delivered on a bigger scale, a much bigger scale in fact. Let’s see.

How To Be Happy with The Speakmans

The Speakmans How to be Happy event was pitched around giving you the tools to give you a happier life through their schema conditioning psychotherapy. So the question is; can The Speakmans give you the tools to make you feel happy?

The answer is YES! absolutely.

I can say this because I have done it. I have overcome Dentophobia, Aerophobia and what the doctors call general anxiety, all through using their techniques. Like anything in life, people can give you the tools and resources to do things but ultimately it is down to you to take massive action and do something about it. When I attended their last event I was continually making notes and reviewing my life with these techniques. It was an intense day.

Could they do this in 2-3 hours though?

The Speakmans Tour Review – Did they succeed in teaching people How To Be Happy

As I looked around the audience I could only see one person with a notepad. No one was making notes. Eva Speakman questioned the audience asking who was there to cure a phobia and who was there just to see what they did. The ratio was about 50/50. Still though, why was no one taking any notes?

I’d overheard a conversation with a couple who were sat behind me who said: “This seems to be more about treating phobia’s than making you feel happy”. In life, people want to experience pleasure and to avoid pain. This is why people end up on medication or often drink so that they can deal with the symptoms of the pain. The core of the Speakmans therapy is to deal with what caused the pain in the first place, therefore if you can deal with the pain, the pain goes so that you can then feel pleasure as a result.

The Speakmans can teach you how to be happy, it’s not just about phobias.

The couple behind me may not have had a phobia now, but one could be triggered in the future, or, they may have a friend who is suffering from one. The point is, using their techniques enables you to understand how your mind works and what it does in situations to help and protect you. If you can grasp this then you can do anything. If you can do anything then surely this will make you happy? It is the same process, “how you think is how you feel”.

The Speakmans have been nurturing their techniques for years. This is what I love about them, they have learnt by doing. They have put their techniques into action and their success has come from curing people in front of 1000’s, often by getting them to “see it for what it is, not how it feels”. They’ve even cured what some doctors have said was incurable.

For those of you who are still due to attend their event, this is not only about treating phobia’s, it’s about giving you the core tools and the areas to take action on so that they become a habit. If they become a habit then your life WILL become happier. The Speakmans describe this as their 6 core schemas. What this means is, if you can install these 6 core areas in your mind and make them a habit then your life will become happy.

Here are their 6 core schemas:

  1. Accept responsibility for your life
  2. You become what you think about
  3. Plan your life
  4. There are no bad people in the world
  5. There is no one reality
  6. Anything is possible

I could write a detailed post on each of these core schema’s, but there are no better people to explain this than The Speakmans themselves. As I write this there are two remaining dates, these are Nottingham on the 14th May and Guildford on the 18th May. Get there.

The Speakmans CAN teach you How To Be Happy and they do this by giving you the tools to take action. Unfortunately I think that most people may have gone unprepared, and as a result, they have either forgotten the key tools or failed to take action when they have arrived home. For those of you who did take notes and took action good for you, that’s great. I hope you are enjoying using their tools and starting to lead a happier life.

For those who are going to be attending one of their events in the future and to answer my question above, can The Speakmans teach you How to be Happy in 2-3hours? Yes, they can, but you will have to be prepared. Here are 7 essential tips to get the best out of The Speakmans How To Be Happy Tour.

7 essential tips to get the best out of The Speakmans Tour

  1. Have an open mind
  2. Take a notepad
  3. Don‘t drink alcohol
  4. Believe in the tools they have given you
  5. Take action on what you have learnt
  6. Pass on what you have learnt to someone else
  7. Make the 6 core schemas a habit for happiness
  • A lot of the techniques will be new to you, have an open mind to what Nik & Eva are saying, it all makes a lot of sense once you learn them.
  • Please take a notepad with you. There is no way you will remember everything that they have taught you if you don’t note it down. I took my Bullet Journal.
  • Don’t drink! You wouldn’t go to a work’s conference to learn new techniques and sink a pint of lager or glass of wine before the event. This is no different. If you drink you are guaranteeing yourself not to remember what you have learnt.
  • Believe in what The Speakmans are teaching you. They have been doing this for years and have proved themselves not from writing a book, but have physically cured 1000’s of people using their techniques.
  • Like anything we learn in life, if we don’t take action and put our new skills into practice, they will mean nothing.
  • These new skills that you have learnt are totally transferable. Imagine how you would feel if you have the tools you had learnt to a family member or a friend, and helped them get over a phobia or helped them to become happier. This is a very empowering feeling. Why do you think The Speakmans love what they do.
  • Lastly, they say it can take up to 66 days for something to become a habit, keep practising the 6 core schemas until they become a habit and watch your life change for the better.

All their future events plus lots of help on phobias can be found on their website at www.speakman.tv

The Future of Schema Conditioning Psychotherapy

I know The Speakmans are working on getting their therapy into the NHS which would be a great result, not only for them but for the people who don’t have the funds to attend their clinic directly (There is well over a year waiting list!) or are not able to attend one of their events for whatever reason.

However, medication earns the government millions of pounds each year and so having a therapy that would stop that sort of revenue may prove a difficult task for The Speakmans.

For me, I preferred the intimate setting of the smaller events and I’m sure if I had the chance to work alongside them for a day at their clinic, I would prefer that environment to the smaller events. The NHS route is the best way for their therapy to be delivered consistently and effectively to the most amount of people in the UK who need it, but I think it will be a tough job. If Nik or Eva are reading this, have a look at how the Gracie Family deliver their Ju Jitsu curriculum to 1000’s of students in 196 countries consistently all over the world. This is how I see the future of Schema Conditioning Psychotherapy being delivered to a wider audience effectively and consistently.

UPDATE FOR 2017: The Speakmans have gone back to the intimate full-day workshop for their 2017 workshops.  

Andy Firth

Every day, every new experience or setback I am still learning. It’s that learning I want to share. I want to share my own experiences, how I learn things, what techniques I use and how I help people in their life.

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