About Andy

Andy’s purpose is inspire people to learn so that they have the knowledge and freedom to change their circumstances and live life on their own terms. Andy believes that no matter who you are, where you’re from, what upbringing you’ve had, what negative experiences you’ve had, you can all learn to create the life you want.

Andy is inspired and influenced by anything that interests him, which is quite a lot! He never took a degree as he didn’t feel he was academic enough, nor did he have the time or money as he was too busy playing music and getting drunk in a pro band! So his knowledge has come from his own experiences as well as reading or listening to other peoples advice, stories and knowledge.

He loves to learn from these people. By putting their knowledge into practice, he takes what he likes and leaves what he doesn’t. For Andy, learning from life experiences and reading books is the degree he never took.

The stuff he writes about is for people striving to learn something new, whether that’s learning how to build your own website or learning the techniques to overcome anxiety.

Every day, every new experience or setback he is still learning. It’s that learning that he wants to share. He wants to share his own experiences, how he learn things, what techniques he use and how he helps people in their life.

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