Andy Firth

My name is Andy firth and my purpose in life is to explore, learn and discover what makes me tick, and to help other people do the same. I believe that whether you succeed or fail you learn, so the more I help people to learn, the more I learn myself.
My blog, The Journey of Finding Success is my passion, this drives me to help others in finding their own successes in whatever they desire.

When I am not working on my website, my time is spent learning new things. I train in Gracie Jiu Jitsu (Blue Belt Stripe 1) and I have a keen interest in health and nutrition. I am currently exploring the outdoors with my friend who is a Royal Marine Commando, with the possibility of climbing Ben Nevis this winter.
My family are my life and I include them in everything I do. My wife Helen is a passionate singer and we both invest our time and money in supporting our two daughters, Bethany and Lauren with their dancing. Everything I learn gets passed to them and to my readers.

JOFS – The Journey of Finding Success

This is what I believe everyone should be doing. Everyone should be on their own Journey of Finding Success as a part of their own personal development. You can follow mine here.

My Journey So Far

This is my journey so far in one super condensed paragraph! Well, it was until I actually realised I couldn’t get it into a super condensed paragraph! So I decided to write a blog post about my journey so far.

My journey so far has taught me so many things in which I have overcome being an alcoholic, dealt with anxiety and OCD issues and learn’t and failed in business. Like anyone, my life has had it’s ups and down’s, but that’s all part of the journey. Despite the ups and downs I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. My life is what it is today because of it and I see it all as a success. Life is about learning, dealing with fear and taking action. You should do the same.

My Aim

My aim is to be able to help people through my writing. There are lots of personal reasons for writing my blog, but if I can help just one person who reads one of my posts, then that will be a success.

The feeling you get from helping and empowering someone to take action is fantastic. By using my own personal experiences and strategies, I aim to help and empower others to succeed in whatever they want.


This quote can be misread and often people think that you don’t need a destination. This is far from the truth, the only way you can have a great journey is by working towards a great destination. What’s important is what you are doing whilst working towards your destination. If you never set off on your journey, you will never know where it will take you. No matter what your journey is, make sure you enjoy it and keep going. This is what life is about.

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